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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From Photo to Final Drawing

Here is another drawing that I did before Christmas. My client wanted to capture a photo of his parents from when they were engaged to be married. His father had recently passed away and he wanted a drawing to share with his family. The original photo was taken in 1958 in Alexandria, Egypt. As the drawing progressed, my client & I discussed some slight deviations from the original like lightenening some of the shadows, but all in all, I think I captured the feel of that moment. He also wanted a more consistent look of the sign in the background (not weathered as much). It doesn't really show in my photo but I used a creamy ivory paper to make it look a little aged. I think he was pleased.

Oceana - Drawing Progression

"Oceana" is one of my latest drawing commissions. I thought some of you may enjoy the progression photos from beginning to the slight changes at the end.