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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Workshop for the Rome Art Coterie

Earlier this month I conducted a workshop for the Rome Art Coterie in Rome, Georgia. It was the first of a 2 part series. We tried something different by having the workshop 2 months apart during their regularly scheduled meeting. This only gave me less than 3 hours after the brief announcement at the beginning. I was asked to do a lecture/ demonstration for the first half and then the students were to apply what they learned in their own medium in the 2id half. It got a little crowded because their were 23 students using every medium possible. I was very pleased to see the watercolors, oils, acrylic, pastel, charcoal and colored pencils. I don't think I have had a workshop with so many different mediums. It was great because the principals I was teaching (composition, shadow shapes, value) apply to all of them. I had to set up a still life from 2 sides because of the shape of the room and the number of students. One of the photos below is a photo of my demonstration. I was actually looking down on the subject more than I like but it made it interesting and a little challenging to draw. I got the painting drawn, blocked in, and got the fruit, bowl and background painted in before I had to stop. I quickly added the leaves and finished the candlestick in my studio so I can take it back next time. You can see my painting on an easel in some of these photos. I thoroughly enjoyed all the people there and I look forward to October 13 when I demonstrate a portrait!

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